Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Exploit the Earth Day!!!

Well, I didn't get out and exploit the Earth today. I just sat inside with the AC kicking and the computer running... oh, wait...

My wife sent me an email earlier about how she was marking the day:
On this beautiful "Earth" day, I pause to celebrate:
  • The lovely new seal and paint job my office parking lot received today -
    it's shiny!
  • The completion of the widening of the truck route from 1 lane to 3,
    saving me anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes each way on my commute. It's
    shiny too!
You know, fresh black top really looks nice.

Even nicer are the cars zipping past my office window with room to spare
instead of being backed up for a mile in each direction!

Sounds lovely. I can't wait to see it myself.

Hope everyone had a happy Exploit the Earth day!!


Defenseman Emeritus said...

I didn't realize Tuesday was Exploit the Earth Day, but despite not noticing that, I drove home from work at 80mph, ran the dishwasher, and did two loads of laundry (wash and dry, of course). I also took a 20-minute shower, which probably taxed our natural gas-powered water heater. Defenseman Emeritus 1, Earth 0.

Defenseman Emeritus said...

Also, your comments on drug use at Protein Wisdom make more sense than the other 200+ comments combined. It's one of those issues, like abortion, where people develop their opinions and henceforth are immune to reason.

Ardsgaine said...

I wonder how many other people around the world unknowingly celebrated Exploit the Earth Day. Quite a few, I'll bet.

I read a suggestion the other day that next year for Earth Day, those people who sincerely believe in regulating CO2 emissions should mark the day with a Zero-Emissions Quarter Hour. By holding their breath for just 15 minutes they can have a dramatic long-term effect on C02 levels in the atmosphere, and set a great example for the rest of the world on the true meaning of environmentalism.

Also, your comments on drug use at Protein Wisdom make more sense than the other 200+ comments combined.

Thanks, for the compliment. I thought Pablo, JHoward, Ric and a few others were doing a good job too. I appreciated their company.

I get to the end of one of those discussions, and I find myself wondering why it is that I can neither see the other side's point nor make them see mine.