Sunday, December 24, 2006

Conversation with a 10 yr old (with an interjection from the 5 yr old), 4

On the way home from a Christmas Eve visit...

Her: (A cry of consternation from the back of the van, some noises of exasperation, and then the exclammation...) Everytime I'm feeling happy, fate plays me a dirty trick!!

Mom and Dad: (Suppressed laughter.) What's the matter?

Her: I've dropped a puzzle piece from my activity book. It's in between the seat and the side of the van, and I can't get to it with my hand.

Dad: Is that puzzle piece essential for your happiness right now? It can't wait until we get home?

Her: No, I want it now.

Dad: Mom, you have to pull this van over. It's Christmas Eve, and my little girl is unhappy. This can't be.

(Mom finds a gas station and pulls in. Dad hops out, pops open the back of the van, and retrieves the puzzle piece, trading it for a kiss from his daughter.)

Dad: (Getting back into van...) Is your fate all better now?

Her: Yeah.

Mom: Except it wasn't fate, it was Dad.

Dad: That just goes to show that you can make your own fate.

Him: I'm going to make mine into a fireplace!!

Mom and Dad: Ooookay...