Monday, April 21, 2008

Exploit the Earth Day!!

In lieu of joining the Back to the Jurassic movement tomorrow, some people have proposed using the day to celebrate the exploitation of the Earth, an activity without which we would all die. Therefore, I'm looking for suggestions on ways to celebrate Exploit the Earth Day. Please leave ideas in the comments.


bjtexs said...

Well I plan to exploit the earth through my liberal use of MENU ITEMS!

I'll be holding a barbeque for one hundred people. All of the food will be cooked over rainforest wood fires sprinkled with high sulpher coal for that smokey texture.

First up will be braised medallians of Spotted Owl served in Ivory Tusks swimming in a glace of Trans Fat. Next, fire braised polar bear paws and penguin wings marinated in red squirrel compote and served piping hot with a garnish of Panda ears. For dessert a lovely iced dolphin blubber cake with a rich topping of fire braised hummingbird eggs and bumblebee wings.

Afterwards we'll throw PCP's, Benzenes, pressure treated wood, more high sulpher coal and all the paper garbage and wet leaves that we can haul, along with the rest of the clear cut rainforeset wood, into our big, roaring bonfire. then we'll all join hands and fart rythmically to the tune of "Smoke on the Water."

Bring your own gas masks.

Ardsgaine said...

That's so... touching. You've hit on the perfect ceremony, BJ. I just wish I could be there with you guys. Those panda ears sound delish.

bjtexs said...

Thank you, Ards.

We've just added a special activity for the kiddies:


Lot's of fun! We'll even provide the fire gel and skin transplants! :-)