Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bush Gets Angry

This is a good video. I've been very critical of Bush, but this is why I voted for him twice. At his core, he is a good man. He is infected up to his ears with pragmatism, and wouldn't know a principle if it bit him in the ass (which has happened several times during his presidency), but he has been persistent in waging war on our enemies. There are so many ways that he could have done a better job, but I have to give him full credit for not giving in when things have been difficult. He has always looked for the way forward, and I hope that he has found it in Gen. Petraeus.

(H/T Protein Wisdom)

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Steven Brockerman said...

I didn't vote in either election; but if he had gotten this angry and said those things on 912--and then declared war on & nuked to hell the nation central to jihad ideology, Iran, I would have voted for him in the 2nd election and shouted my choice to the roof tops.

WHAT a waste; if he coulda been what he coulda been, he coulda been something.