Wednesday, October 04, 2006


A powerful video montage put together by Michelle Malkin a few months ago has been banned on YouTube. The video, entitled First They Came..., shows different scenes illustrating the violent goals of the Islamists interspersed with text. Malkin has posted a response to YouTube's action on her blog, complete with video in which she takes them to task for going dhimmi. Watch the video.

(H/T Instapundit.)


Myrhaf said...

What do you think motivated the people at YouTube most, fear of Islam or hatred of America?

Ardsgaine said...

I would say fear of the Islamic response. I don't think they necessarily expect to be blown up though. I think it more likely that they have an overriding fear of controversy that causes them to be hyper-sensitive to any content they believe might offend. To test that, I would have to know how they have responded to the complaints of other groups about controversial subject matter. It could be that they just reflexively ban anything that might be found insulting to any group if someone complains.

kevin said...

Youtube pulled Pat Condell's latest.