Monday, October 23, 2006

Conversations with a 5 yr old... (Updated)

Him: (Referring to the blanket he named Fuzz when he was two.) Dad, how do I know this blanket is really Fuzz?

Me: (Trying to get ready to leave the house.) That's either a totally inane question, or it's so philosophically profound that I don't have time to answer it right now.

Update: Conversations with the 10 yr old go more like this:

(After a brief discussion in which I informed her that getting two out of ten questions correct on her history quiz meant that she was going to have to reread the chapter, find the correct answers to the ones she missed, and write down the page numbers where she found them...)

Her: Why are you being so horrible to me?

Me: I'm not being horrible, I'm being strict.

Her: You ARE being horrible!

Me: I'm not, I'm being strict.

Her: You ARE!

Me: Baby...

Her: Don't call me BABY!! Cause I'm NOT your BABY!!!!

Update 2: This just in... I've been handed a note explaining her position.

It's like you're feeding me sour cream cheese.* And acting like a brat.** I try to get done. I try to read the chapter, and I do the test, but am I free?


Just another day at the office...

*Yeah, I have no clue what that's about.

**That she thought to scratch that part out shows real progress. She doesn't usually edit those thoughts.


River Cocytus said...

Ards, I looked at one of your recent posts in PW, and I thought-- look up the 910 group on google. If you're familiar with Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna, it might ring a bell.

You said you wanted to do something substantive about these problems -- that's what 910 is trying to do. Well, figure it out for yourself. There's no special requirements per se to join, just to be a person who wants to restore the West.

Consider this an invitation to join!

Ardsgaine said...

I've heard of Gates of Vienna, but I'm not a regular reader. I'll check it out.