Friday, January 05, 2007

Ding, Dong...

the bitch is dead.

Saddam, I mean.

Yeah, I know. It's old news. It occurred to me, though, that having blogged a few times about his trial, maybe I should say something about the end result.

I'm glad the man is dead. He deserved to be killed for the things he did. As I've said before, I'm not pleased about how it was brought about. We should have done it, and we should have done it immediately when he was caught. Turning him over to the Iraqis, as if he was their enemy and not ours was wrong. Letting them conduct a kangaroo court that could only have one outcome was a travesty, and they turned the execution into a circus. It was badly done.

But at least it's done now.


B.E. Sanderson said...

I about fell over laughing when I saw the beginning of this post. I was walking around singing that the night we heard of his execution.

I agree it was badly done, and I am also glad it was done, however badly.

Ardsgaine said...

Yeah, so much for the wicked witch of the west. Now for the wicked witch of the east.

cs harris said...

Ouch. You think it would have been better to try him in one of our kangaroo courts and then execute him in secret? In terms of what he "did" to us, he defended his country from an illegal invasion (this time). Last time, he invaded Kuwait after we green lighted the act (historical fact). The Iranians have a good grudge against him, but we were Saddam's allies then (we thought he had chemical and biological weapons because we SOLD them to him, remember?) Actually, that gives the Iranians a case against us (which is why we supported his quick execution before he could be tried on charges related to that). Don't get me wrong, I'm no apologist for dictators of any stripe. But the people he really wronged was his own people, and the less we look like an vindictive occupation force, the better for the future stability of the region. Or do the Powers that Be really want stability?

I'll wander away now.

Ardsgaine said...

Any court that tried him was going to be a "kangaroo court" in the sense that his "crime" was being a dictator. He didn't do anything illegal as dictator of Iraq, because he was the law. Whatever he did was legal by definition. That is a measure of the gulf that often exists between legal and moral. For the crime of being a dictator, there is a time-homored procedure for determining guilt and exacting punishment. Establish that the person is, in fact, who you think he is, and then execute him. A trial is not just superfluous, it's a mockery of justice.